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Strategic Reddit Marketing: From Zero to Viral, Boosting Your Traffic

The conversations, the wealth of information, the hub for the most hilarious content, Reddit is just that platform you would find a diverse and engaged community in millions waiting to consume good content. 

And there’s you and your brand with so much value and in need of a great audience to forge a meaningful impact on.

Thanks to its vast array of niche communities (subreddits) covering every topic under the sun, Reddit provides the opportunities for anyone to connect with their target audience on a personal level. Only, if they know how to go about it.

Stacking upvotes doesn’t just happen overnight You need a strategy that works.In this article, we’ll show you how to leverage Reddit to take your content from zero to viral – the right way. Strap in for a crash course in strategic Reddit marketing that’ll have you racking up traffic.

If you’re unsure of how to do that, fortunately for you, we’ll be discussing effective methods to boost your traffic on Reddit. Reversing the drawbacks and giving your content the boost it requires. Plus, we’ll discuss why it is vital to buy good Reddit reviews. 

Understanding the Reddit Community: A Glimpse into a Whole

Reddit was founded in 2005 by two roommates: Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, to whom Aaron Swartz was added in the later years. Reddit started as an ordinary website where users uploaded texts, pictures or video content to get voted. But with time, the uploads became overwhelming, so there was a need to section uploads.

The sectioned uploads on Reddit are called communities; they are user-created boards organized by subject and comprise users of similar mental models.

How Reddit communities work is simple – users upload content onto communities, and then members of the community decide to “pin” the post by upvoting it to stay on top or downvoting it to clear it off the front pages. This is usually done if users don’t find the post helpful.

Still, on Reddit communities, a good example of a Reddit community is “r/Marketing” a community that discusses marketing communications and advertising. The same goes for “r/CryptoMoonShotsis”, another community that discusses cryptocurrencies.

To every forward-thinking marketer, this means good luck, as Reddit has already organized specific groups of people, making it easier for targeted marketing. Just share your content in these subreddits, and you’re set for successful promotions. 

Hacks to Boosting Traffic By Buying Good Reviews On Reddit 

The first thing you should know is that boosting traffic on Reddit is the same as boosting traffic on Google. It’s almost the same technique but with different algorithms. You get to create quality content that resonates with customers on both platforms, but the fate of your content on Reddit is determined by Redditors, not keywords as it is with Google content. It means that, if Redditors don’t upvote your content because they don’t find it helpful, it won’t top the list in subreddits.

But there’s more to boosting traffic using quality content

  1. Produce Content Worth Reading

Redditors love their content in a particular way. Some prefer pictorial content while others prefer video content. While this stands, some others prefer reacting to certain topics rather than others. Your job as a marketer or one who is looking to boost traffic is to find the exact type of content that resonates with the subreddits you’re targeting.

A good way to do this is to surf through subreddits to check for top content and apply Brian Dean’s strategy. The Brain Dean’s strategy is a “skyscraper” marketing strategy where you build on existing content by creating more valuable and relatable content similar, to but better than the content topping your targeted subreddit. 

For example, the top content on r/Marketing is “Jen Partin of Hickory Farms joins the Email After Hours to share 5 FREE email tactics she uses to beat soft consumer demand – all in 25 mins ”. Clearly, this content discusses email tactics to maneuver around customers who don’t show interest in your product or services. To apply the Brain Dean’s strategy, will mean, you’ll create 6 or 7 email tactics instead and make them more relatable to customers within your niche while maintaining a general target audience in the background. Plus, you’ll do it within a shorter time – say 12 mins.

  1. Salvage the Situation

Another trick to boosting traffic to your content is salvaging the situation. By salvaging the situation, we mean coming in as an authority figure and providing answers to users’ questions. 

It’s well-known in marketing and content creation that people trust and engage more with authoritative figures. To leverage this for your brand, use relevant subreddits within your niche.

Of course, you start by surfing through your targeted subreddits, going through comments looking for questions to answer. It’s very important that you look to answer questions within your niche to establish yourself as a professional. After identifying a question, you may want to write extensively on your answers in a blog post, but only provide concise answers in the comments along with a link to your comprehensive content. This tactic has been proven to garner upvotes and effectively increase your website traffic.

  1. Understand the Etiquette of a good Redditor 

A basic reddiquette is that you only provide valuable content. Plus, your comments must be helpful to commenters too. 

Reddittors can see your comments. They can see your activities. If you don’t appear as one whose activities add value to the community, you’re not likely to get upvotes. Of course, you already know what that spells for you since you’re trying to boost your traffic.

To show you’re adding value to the community, you should link to other authority figures in your niche, who aren’t your competitors. By doing so, you show members that you’re not only about your brand, but selfless in solving problems in that community. 

Another unspoken reditteque is you must only provide customised content, not spam; a common mistake reditters make to boost traffic. By providing customized content, we mean, your comments aren’t seen flying around but only seen when there is a need. And often seen contributing intelligently. By customizing content, we also mean you don’t use the same heading for all your content, or the same baits. Customize your content heading to current realities to appear unique.

Finally on Reddit Etiquette; every subreddits has rules and regulations guiding them, and they’re always at the top right side of subreddits. Do yourself well by reading the rules to not appear as an outlaw.

  1. Use Reverse Engineering 

Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing a product or service to understand its design, functionality, and components. Better put, it’s simply the process of breaking down a product or service and uncovering how it works and how it was built, to gain insights into it and improve it. In this case, the service is your brand, which can be your brand on Reddit or the brand you’re building using Reddit.

Building a brand is quite simple – since the communities on Reddit are organized on similar subjects and viewpoints, you can harness this for your brand. All you need to do is copy and paste your brand’s website on Reddit to uncover what people are saying about your brand. You might uncover what pages of your content have been discussed, and what people think about your brand. Of course, the endpoint of doing this is mapping out an efficient marketing strategy for your brand.

In fact, you might be able to uncover a community interested in your brand by doing reverse engineering. So, you get to create content that resonates with your target audience and build trust in that niche.

  1. Buy Good Reddit Reviews

So far, it is clear that reviews and comments are Reddit’s algorithm. Any content that will initiate positive reviews or comments will do well on Reddit. 

Just as we have mentioned, such content must attend to users’ needs. They must solve users’ problems and they must be done transparently. Most especially if you are trying to boost traffic to your website. Of course, providing quality content that resonates with your target audience is done through research and consistent postings. You can’t negotiate that.

To Wrap It Up

Reddit isn’t a complex space you can’t manuverr; it’s just a space you’re yet to navigate through thoroughly. Fortunately for you, we’ve helped you navigate through to help you boost traffic and establish you as an authority figure in your niche 

For a recap; providing high-quality content is the beginning of boosting traffic on Reddit. High-quality content must position you as a professional in your niche and help you build trust with your target audience. We also emphasized the need to produce similar content to the top topics on your subreddit. It’s not plagiarism if you do so; you’re only skyscraping content and providing Redditors with more straightforward solutions.

In all, we don’t downplay reviews and comments. As previously mentioned, reviews and comments are the algorithms of Reddit. A good review or comments will earn you more upvotes which will push your content upward. Just exactly where you want it. Use good content to buy good reviews on Reddit and watch your traffic boom.

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